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ETS2 Auto Go! in Traffic

Description: The Go! car from the game Saints Row 3. Three options of tuning, do not replace anything that is compatible with all my mods. Test on version 1.16.x Credits: alkonavt96 ShareMods DOWNLOAD

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ETS2 Radio V3.0

Description: Radio list: 1.Schlagerstube 2.Michis chaos Bude 3.Hitradio-Magic-Of-Music 4.Sunradiolive 5.Sound-of-power radio 6.Magic-Dream Radio 7.Radio music Iceland 8.Antena Radio 9.Radio Road Runner 10.Radio-Lipper wave 11.LiveZwei 12.Antenne-Bayern Antenna 13.Rock 14.Br online pulse 15.Bayern-3 Version 2.1 of...