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Kernstadt Multifruit Farm v 2.0


- Cattle fattening
- Wassermod
- Wool palette collector
- Some of the fields are planted and ready for harvest
- Standard, spelled, oats, rye, millet, sunflower, onions and carrots are installed
- Pig
- 3 New outlets: Industrial complex, horse farm, slaughterhouse
- New Bga with a capacity of each 480000l per silo

Kastor Ger


Multifruit Mod v 1.0


Multifruit Mod upgraded as new global mod fruits in existing vehicles automatically
Supported fruits : silage forage rice sunflower soybean oat rye millet hemp poppy green wheat spelled triticale millet_windrow triticale_windrow millet_windrow dinkel_windrow oat_windrow rye_windrow hemp_windrow

- Reapers have their own exchange list – Sunflowers must be harvested with corn head now
- Sowing machines have their own exchange list – sunflowers and soybeans are now entered in the sowing machinery
- Added support for variable body spec
- Various fixes script
- Baler are supported
- Fruit list extended , in particular to forage and silage (compound feed )
- Mods to change body types speci be ignored

upsidedown, SFM-Modding, gotchTOM, bullgore, Meyer123, Schorschi, Fin


Grazyland MultiFruit Map v 1.5


- There are on the farm chickens, cows, sheep and pigs
- Additional fruits : spelled, oats, millet, rye, sunflowers, carrots and onions
- Soil textures, crop textures, pigmast, Water Mod v 3.0, car wash, overhead crane, costum Info Trigger, wool pallets collectors, slurry / manure mod, mixing station, food storage, MapSiloBand, manure storage , chopped stock and of course storage facilities for fruits of the earth and all cereals
- Walk-in chicken coop, the chickens lay their eggs in it
- Corn Exchange and potato / beet warehouse with roller doors and various storage facilities with movable gates
- There was a lot of work on the ground. The landscaper was to swing again. But you convinced yourself
- Launch vehicles were adjusted
- The wither is Disabled
- In the new bales hall you can unload and stash the bales by crane
- With the followers you can upload what’s on the map, except liquids and seed / fertilizer everything
- Included in the map : FahrM66 multi, multi RTS 7545 , Emsland multi, multi HKD302 , multi Krampe900
- The vehicles have some extras of exhaust smoke, throttle limiter, real lights, DrivingParticle , Washable and so on
- The two have Drescher treshing counter and Strawspec mod installed, sodas You can share your straw and chaff same way and see how much you’ve already harvested
- In all camps conveyor belts have been added
- 5 Digital Scales installed
- Digital level indicators for all the varieties there are so on the farm
- Your pig slurry and manure produced depending on how much pork you ‘re buying
- The milk truck is always on time, but you can leave even the milk also
- CCTV for milk and wool production



Hagenstedt Lands Multifruit Map v 1.0


The added fruits are sunflower oat soy bean greenwheat there is pigs on the farm sheep are near by with the new wool collector station and the cows are also near the farm with there water mod and nice working are in front of there cow shed for the mixing station. other buildings include the slaughter house you can also sell pigs at the freight yard the grain mill got moved over slightly to make space for bigger fields. new refinery where the cows used to be.some fields got deleted while other ones go bigger. village center got new selling point
New silos for new fruits on farm as well as silo silage and ramp
Includes a multi fruit Deutz combine and Krampe BBS trailer
Deutz 7545 combine was edited for this map so this means that it has all the proper grain tanks and particles also comes with 2 different cutters. it also produces straw bales and hay bales
Normal crop cutter for all crops and straw bales and a grass cutter for hay bale making
Grass that the combine putts in his tank can not be used to feed animals with it is grass not grass_windrow

pinguar, DeutZ, giants


German Distribution Center v 1.0 Multifruit


It is fully functional with 8 loading docks, doors and enough space to work inside
To the ramps you are able to load 8 kinds of fruit. Wheat, canola, rye, sunflower, hemp, barley, oats and corn
Around the corner you will find the unloading point, even for those 8 fruits. Be aware, these are not selling triggers, the fruit is unloaded walk your memory total
Behind the building there is plenty of room to park your truck and trailer
This building is not placeable, you must update your map with GE.


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Case 9120 Axial Flow v 1.2 Multifruit


Case 9120 Axial Flow Pack including:
- Combine traditional
- Combine with tracks
- Cutting multifruit 10.7m wide
- Cutting multifruit of 6.7m wide
- Corn Harvester multifruit 7.5m wide
- Trailer cup carrier

Libretito, Wohlstandskind, yekk1, Elli, @lex

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