Trucksim Map v 2.1

– 38 new cities in Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Lybia
– Adapted gasoil prices in all countries
– New signs done over the map build by us
– More life on the road
– Different start modes
– Many extra mods setted to run with the map like new trucks, more engines, more trailers and so on- This are the links to our map, which we let on basical status and open, so that builders can fill in their stuff. If you want you can use our additional packs for the map.
– Rich: You start the game with 100.000€
– Extra rich: You start the game with 10.000.000€
– Streetsurfers Trailerpack
– This mod adds streetsurfers extratrailer to the map in addition to this mod we made a little real company mod to use together with this mod not to be used with the just play mod
– This pack contains at about 200 trailers, the last tc-mod, additional trucks like the MPIV and the Axor from Danz, the Peterbilt from Undomer, our engine and all accessory free mod, chip tuned engines, a real company mod, adeguated economics, real logo for mercedes brand by Womble and many other things. In future we will add other things like truckshop from maghetto and other things. Cause using other mods from other mothers with their permition we locked the .scs of this files.
– No speed limit mod
– With this mod your trucks have no speed limt set.

Runs under ETS2 1.3/1.3.1, compatibility to is not guaranted older savegames are not comaptible

TSM Team

DOWNLOAD Original link

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  1. TuxJr615 says:

    The world map screen won’t show the whole map even when zoomed out. Does anyone know what the problem is?

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